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Science/Human: Cannabis effective in a patient with stiff person syndrome The cannabis extract Sativex was effective in the treatment of a patient suffering from stiff person syndrome (or stiff-man syndrome). Physicians at the Neurology Department of the University Hospital of Ribera in Alzira, Spain, presented the case of a 40-year-old man with progressive muscle stiffness and intermittent spasms for 6-years. The cannabis spray was introduced after a series of unsatisfactory traditional medical treatments. Considerable improvement was verified after 14 months.

Authors noted that Sativex is used in spasticity due to multiple sclerosis. “Because MS and SPS share some neurological symptoms such as spasticity and rigidity, it is thought that THC-CBD can be an option for SPS patients.” Stiff person syndrome' (SPS) is a rare neurologic disorder of unknown aetiology characterized by progressive rigidity, stiffness, and spasms.

via International Association for Cannabis as Medicine.